Kids Art Classes

We offer art classes for ages 2-10 and teen art classes forcusing on both drawing and cerqmics for ages 11-14 to help build portfolios to apply to the local art highschools or to just hone their skills and develop their own voice. 

The classes here are organized by days of the week, Mondays first, Sunday last so you can easily find classes on a particular day. 

Some of our classes focus on mediums from drawing, printmaking, ceramics to textiles and soft sculpture to process art classes for little ones and some on themes such as Animals or Under the Sea or Fairylands. 

We are very thoughtful with the age limits for our classes and work hard to create projects that are age appropriate. Please respect our age restrictions. 

If your child is on the spectrum or has a learning challenge, it would be helpful to us if you let us know before class begins.

We take a Break from classes for the summer. Our Next Class session will be in the Fall. If interested in knowing about our classes please sign up on our EmAil list. 

We do Offer Workshops During the summer. see if any of those interest your child. 

process art- Saturdays


For Ages 3, 4, 5


This is a process oriented class focused on furthering your child's creative confidence. While exploring all kinds materials, clay, glue, wood, recycled materials, beads, buttons and fabric students will learn to problem solve, verbalize their ideas and further creative thinking.   They will participate in the joyful learning through exploring sensory based materials while learning age appropriate skills.



  • Ages 3-5
  • This is grownup/child class in our studio. Adults must stay to engage with the children. 
  • Taught by Sascha Stannard